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Partnering with Industry, Catalyzing Innovation

CEBC is a recognized leader in catalytic technologiesTo date, CEBC has partnered with more than 20 of the world's leading chemical companies. The reason? To identify the most important technical challenges and opportunities, to gain insights on commercial practices, and to help drive projects from fundamental concepts to pilot-ready catalytic systems. This industry-focused approach, uncommon in many university research programs, helps maximize the potential impact of our discoveries.

Chemical companies partner with CEBC because of our industry-focused, industry-driven research.  We listen to our partners' needs.  We learn from their expertise.  Most importantly, we look for cost-competitive, eco-friendly solutions to the obstacles that matter most. 

Companies seek membership with CEBC to:

Ways to collaborate

MembershipBecome a Member - Corporate members leverage >$30M in R&D at CEBC.  By becoming a member of CEBC, you will receive privileged access to science and technology advances from the core projects and priority IP licensing opportunities. Members also provide input on faculty-directed core projects, learn from faculty expertise, and work closely with students and postdocs.

SponsorshipSponsor a Project - Companies are invited to sponsor a proprietary project in collaboration with KU faculty.  You will gain access to specialized facilities and renowned catalysis experts under negotiated intellectual property terms.

Testing ServicesContract for Testing Services - Companies can save time and money by contracting technical testing and support services with CEBC's renowned catalysis experts and specialized facilities.  Company partners will have exclusive access to results and retain full intellectual property ownership

Innovation IncubatorLease Space for Innovation - Companies can also lease space at KU’s incubator facilities for confidential research, which gives access to campus resources.  Companies can employ KU postdocs and/or their own company employees to lead the research activities.  Assignments of intellectual property for these endeavors depends on inventorship.

How does membership work?

Partner companies designate senior scientists and engineers to represent their organizations at CEBC. These individuals understand industrial technology needs and sustainability challenges. They also appreciate the underpinnings of sound fundamental science and engineering for developing technology breakthroughs.

Industry partners provide non-confidential feedback on core projects at CEBC (i.e., those projects funded with federal, state and membership funds). In return, our corporate members receive privileged access to science and technology advances from the core projects along with priority IP licensing opportunities. Industry partners also have access to faculty expertise, CEBC infrastructure for sponsoring proprietary projects, and the opportunity to closely follow the professional development of students and postdocs. 

Join us.

Please contact Dr. Christopher Lyon to learn more about the membership agreement, intellectual property policy details, rate structure, etc.

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