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Confidential Research and Service Opportunities

Sponsor a Project

SponsorshipMember companies are invited to sponsor a proprietary project at CEBC in collaboration with KU faculty under negotiated intellectual property terms.  Benefits include access to a world-class catalyst research infrastructure, with more than $4 Million worth of equipment. In addition, KU service laboratories house major instrumentation that is available to proprietary projects.  Our teams of leading faculty researchers will complement your in-house expertise and capabilities.  Choose a range of project types, from brief, month-long proof-of-concept projects to multi-year endeavors.   

CEBC hires postdoctoral researchers to work on company-sponsored projects.  In contrast to graduate students, postdocs are free from coursework and other obligations, and are able to maximize progress while delaying publication of results. CEBC has a track record of recruiting top postdoctoral researchers from around the globe, many of whom have been hired by member companies.

Intellectual Property (IP) requirements and terms for a proprietary project vary per project, and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Realizing that IP issues are often a barrier to industry-university collaborations, the University of Kansas Innovation and Collaboration team works to create innovative IP arrangements that benefit both the sponsor and KU.

Contract for Testing Services

Testing ServicesCompanies can save time and money by contracting technical testing and support services with CEBC's renowned catalysis experts and specialized facilities.  Company partners will have exclusive access to results and retain full intellectual property ownership.  In addition, KU service laboratories house major instrumentation that is available to contracted projects.  Choose a range of project types, from brief, month-long proof-of-concept projects to multi-year endeavors.  Contact Dr. Christopher Lyon, Administrative Director, to learn more about CEBC's contractual service agreements.

Lease Space for Innovation

Innovation Incubator For more in depth confidential research, companies can lease space at the University of Kansas' incubator facilities.  In addition to access to campus resources, companies can utilize KU postdocs in the research activities.  Assignments of intellectual property for these endeavors depends on inventorship, and are determined on a case-by-case basis with assistance from the University of Kansas Center for Technology Commercialization.

An innovation incubator building comprised of over 17,500 square feet is conveniently located adjacent to CEBC.  One member company started leasing space in this facility two years ago and has recently doubled its space and workforce. 

How to Initiate a Project

If you are interested in sponsoring a proprietary project and/or contracting testing services at CEBC, please contact Dr. Christopher Lyon, Administrative Director. We are happy to promptly set up an initial, non-confidential meeting with the appropriate faculty researchers to discuss the potential project. If desired, we can prepare a proposed scope of work document or draft a confidentiality agreement to permit more in-depth discussions.

Because project needs and scope vary dramatically, and background intellectual property may be involved, all agreements for proprietary research are drafted on a case-by-case basis, in cooperation with the KU Innovation and Collaboration team.

The results from proprietary projects are "fire walled" from other research projects at CEBC and held confidential with the sponsor. When feasible, proprietary projects can sometimes be conducted in a separate laboratory, away from other projects.

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