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Colloquia and Seminars

Each semester, CEBC invites leading scientists and engineers to share insights about topics relevant to industrial R&D, including technology, management, and business issues.  The seminars not only help to identify new directions for future research.  They also reinforce the value of current research projects at CEBC.  See the calendar for the next presentation

Most presentations are held at 1501 Wakarusa Dr., Lawrence, KS, Building B-104. Participants at remote sites can join the sessions using Adobe DesktopConnect (contact for details).

Industry Colloquia

More than 80 scientists and engineers from 45 leading chemical and petroleum companies have given seminars at CEBC.  With typically four or more speakers each semester, our Industry Colloquium Series continues to be a highlight. 

Added benefit for students:  After each seminar, students and research associates are invited to meet with each invited speaker as part of our LIFE (Learning about Industry from Experts) program.  

We also began offering live faculty webinars online to our corporate partners in 2009.  The webinars provides free training in cutting-edge academic research.  Industry participation has grown, connecting as many as 10 different remote sites per session.


"Product Line Agility, Quality Products in a Changing Environment," - Dr. Jeff Botts, Corbion
"Advances in the Catalytic Production of Olefins," - Dr. Mike Urbancic, Clariant Corporation
"Making More Molecules for Mobility and Materials," - Dr. Carl Mesters, Shell Corporation
"Sustaining Economic Competitiveness with Catalyst Design," - Dr. Stephen King, The Dow Chemical Company
"Chemical Catalysts at W.R. Grace," - Dr. Dorai Ramprasad, W.R. Grace
"BDO: Catalyst Technologies and Raw Materials – Which technology will prevail?," - Dr. Daniel Ostgard, Evonik Catalysts India


"Energy and Innovation in the Chemical Industry," - Dr. Cathy Tway, The Dow Chemical Company
"New Development of EO and EG Technologies," - Dr. Xiankuan Zhang, SABIC
"Perspectives on Global Energy Challenges," - Dr. Sanjeev Katti, Reliance InResearch in an Industrial Catalysis World: A Lifelong Adventure," - Dr. Stu Soled, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Co.
"A New Approach to the Complexity of Industrial Catalysis Surfaces," Dr. Rebecca Fushimi, Idaho National Laboratory
"Hierarchical porous materials: Synthesis and application in catalysis," Dr. Mirek Derewinski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
"An Inorganic Chemist's Quest for Better Things Through Chemistry," Dr. David Corbin, DuPont


"Life Cycle Assessment and Its Value in Decision-Making," - Dr. Hong Jin, Chevron Energy Technology Company
"Customization of Nano-Crystalline Alumina," - Dr. Jonathan Paiz, Sasol Performance Chemicals


"Asymmetric Hydrogenation with Continuous Purification and Isolation," - Dr. Martin Johnson, Eli Lilly
"Renewable Diesel Production via Hydrotreating of Oils and Fats," - Dr. Jane Yao, Phillips 66
"Chaos in an Industrial Chemical Process," - Dr. David West, SABIC
"Scale-Up of Two Industrial Trickle Bed Hydrogenations Using Laboratory Reactor Data," - Dr. Dan Hickman, The Dow Chemical Company


“How Clever Catalysis Helps to Grow a Business” – Dr. Cathy Dwyer, Sasol Technology
“The Use of Halophosphite Ligands for the Rhodium Catalyzed Low Pressure Hydroformylation Reaction,” – Dr. Tom Puckette, Eastman Chemical Company
“From Fundamental Understanding to Refinery Optimization,” – Dr. Tushar Choudhary, ConocoPhillips
“Bringing Catalyst Ideas to Life: Challenges in Scaling up Heterogeneous Catalysts,” – Dr. Venu Arunajatesan, Evonik Degussa
“Some Approaches to Controlling Selective Oxidation of Alkanes” – Dr. Edouard Mamedov, SABIC Americas
“Higher Alcohols from Syngas with Molybdenum-Based Catalysts” – Dr. David Barton, Dow Chemical Company


“Improving Raney® Catalysts Through Surface Chemistry,” – Dr. Steve Schmidt, Grace Davison
“NatureWorks IngeoTM Bio-Plastics Process – Designing for a Sustainable Future,” – Dr. Jeff Kolstad, NatureWorks
“Innovations in Refinery Catalysis – A Smart Way to Enhance the Value of Crude Oil,” – Dr. C.P. Kelkar, BASF
“Evonik’s Business Unit Advances Intermediates,” – Dr. Yücel Önal, Evonik Degussa
“Sustainable Technologies for Chemicals and Renewable Fuels,” – Dr. Jeff Bricker, UOP-Honeywell
“Olefins from Methane without Syngas: Heteroatom Methane Activation,” – Dr. Eric Stangland, Dow Chemical Co.
“An Introductions to INVISTA Specialty Materials,” – Dr. Anne Gaffney, INVISTA


“Environmentally More Benign Refinery Products Through Improved Understanding of Catalysis” – Dr. Theo Maeson, Chevron Lubricants
“Sustainability at P&G” – Dr. Jeff Schiebel, P&G
“Toward Rational Design of Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts for Production of Clean Fuels” – Dr. Teh Ho, ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research
“Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography and Industrial Separations” – Dr. Tom Binder, ADM
“Diversification of the World’s Energy Sources and its Challenges for the Chemical Engineering Profession,” – Dr. Kurt VandenBussche, UOP
“Making Money The Old Fashioned Way: LICENSING,” – Allen Richmond, ConocoPhillips, (retired) and Scott Brown, Hovey Williams Law Firm
“Gaining a Competitive Advantage – Linking R&D to Marketing,” – Dr. Nancy Winchester, Chevron


“Sulfur Removal from Gas Streams with S ZorbTM” and “Elemental X-Ray Imaging - Discovering the Chemical Fossil and Recovering Ancient Writings” – Dr. Bob Morton, ConocoPhillips
“There Has Never Been a Better Time to be a Green Chemist/Engineer” – Dr. Bob Peoples, ACS Green Chemistry Institute
“Albemarle’s Vision and Approach to Biofuels” – Dr. Frans Plantenga, Albemarle
“Preparation, Properties and Selected Applications of Engineered Porous Catalyst Supports” – Dr. Tom Szymanski, Saint-Gobain NorPro
“Can Coal-to-Liquids Be Clean?,” Dr. Arno deKlerk, Sasol
“Highly Active Gold/TiO2 Catalysts for Carbon Monoxide Oxidation Prepared by Large-Scale Physical Vapor Deposition,” Dr. Larry Brey, 3M
“The Outlook for Energy and Technology Implications,” Dr. Jeffrey Beck, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company


“Biofuels in the Incubator: An Approach to Developing Business in Adjacent Spaces” – Dr. Robert Harding, Grace Davison
“Process Intensification, a Tool for Innovative Products: Achievements and Prospects” – Dr. Jean Jenck, Enki Innovation
“The ICM Perspective on Renewable Fuels” – Dr. Doug Rivers, ICM
“Industrial Research: Diversity in Action” – Dr. Lyle Kallenbach, ConocoPhillips (retired)
“Introduction to CRI and Ethylene Oxide” and “Fundamental Studies of Metal Particle Sintering in Silver Based Epoxidation Catalysts” – Dr. Paul McAllister, CRI/Criterion - Shell
“BenzOUTTM: Environmentally Friendly and Economically Attractive Benzene Reduction Technology” – Dr. Michael Clark, ExxonMobil
“New Opportunities for Catalysis: Biomass to Renewable Fuels and Chemicals” – Dr. Leo Manzer, Catalytic Insights
“Nanotechnology: From Science to Industrial Applications” – Dr. Bing Zhou, Headwaters Technology Innovation Group
“Catalyst R&D at Evonik Degussa” – Dr. Baoshu Chen, Evonik Degussa


“The Evolution of Anionic Surfactant Technology” – Dr. Jeff Scheibel, Procter & Gamble
“Carbon-to-Liquids: Conversion of Carbon-Based Feedstocks to Fuels and Chemicals” – Dr. Joe Allison, ConocoPhillips
“Technology as a Foundation for Competitiveness and Growth at Chevron Phillips Chemical Company” – Dr. Mary Jane Hagenson, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
“Acrylonitrile Catalyst Technology: Past, Present, and Future” – Dr. Jim Brazdil, INEOS
“Discovery, Production, and Applications of Industrial Enzymes” – Dr. Joe Jump, Novozymes
“Commercial Propylene Oxide Processes and the R&D Effort to Replace Them” – Mr. David Trent, Dow Chemical Company
“Microchannel Process Technology and Its Impact on Chemical Reaction Engineering” – Dr. Jan Lerou, Velocys
“Catalytic Materials for the Hydrogen Economy” – Dr. Bob Farrauto, BASF Catalysts


“Societal and Technological Impacts of Nanotechnology for Catalytic Systems” – Dr. Earl Beaver, Practical Sustainability, LLC
“Sustainability in the Chemical and Energy Industries” – Dr. Jeff Siirola, Eastman Chemical Company
“Production of Chemicals from Renewable Feedstocks” – Dr. Doug Cameron, Cargill
“The AlkyClean® Alkylation Process – New Technology Eliminates Liquid Acids” – Dr. Phillip J. Angevine, ABB Lummus
“Cargill’s Approach Towards Building a Renewable Chemicals Business” – Mr. Jim Millis, Cargill
“Recent Developments in Achiral and Chiral Catalysis at Solvias – The Technology Provider with Industrial Focus”– Dr. Marc Thommen, Solvias
“Biocatalysis as a Green Chemistry Solution for Drug Development and Manufacture” – Dr. Alex Zaks, Schering-Plough
“A Corporate View of Intellectual Property” – Dr. Scott Bloomer, ADM


“Discovery and Applications of Rhodium-Bisphosphite Asymmetric Hydroformylation Catalysts” – Dr. Greg Whiteker, Dow Chemical Company
“Effective Development and Commercialization Processes” – Dr. Jon Stanat, ExxonMobil Chemical
“25 Years of Chemicals from Coal” – Dr. Joe Zoeller, Eastman Chemical
“Discovery of New Highly Isospecific Olefin Polymerization Catalysts and New Polyolefins” – Dr. James Stevens, Dow Chemical Company
“Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry” – Dr. Buzz Cue, Pfizer
Workshop - “Introduction to Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Techniques” – Dr. Maureen Bricker, UOP LLC
“Combinatorial Chemistry: Catalyzing Innovation in the Chemical Industry” – Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, UOP
“Challenges and Advances in the Catalytic Copolymerization of Olefins with Polar Monomers – Dr. Brian Goodall, Rohm & Haas
“Sustainable Growth at DuPont” – Dr. Mark Harmer, DuPont
“The Selective 1-Hexene Story” – Dr. Ron G. Abbott, Chevron Phillips Chemical


“Workshop on Patenting and Commercializing Technology” – Jim Baxendale and Arjun Sanga, KU Center for Research
“Environmentally Sound Agricultural Chemistry: From Process Technology to Biotechnology” – Dr. Michael K. Stern, Monsanto Company
“Importance of Surface Science and Fundamental Studies in Heterogeneous Catalysis” – Dr. Madan M. Bhasin, Dow Chemical Co.
“Improving R&D Productivity Using High-Throughput Methods” – Drs. Rakesh Jain and Kevin Cronin, Symyx


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