Inclusion and Belonging at the CEBC

Inclusion at the CEBC

Inclusion and belonging are core missions of the CEBC. The CEBC promotes belonging by highlighting a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, evidence-based retention efforts, and research towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The CEBC recognizes that barriers to access exist and actively work to identify obstacles and reconstruct our systems for an equitable educational environment.

Inclusion in Practice at the CEBC

In practice, the CEBC cultivates an inclusive community culture by incorporating cultural awareness into professional development, integrating mental health into monthly safety meetings, and promoting cultural humility among faculty, staff, and students. Trainees at the CEBC receive monthly technical and non-technical professional development opportunities covering topics such as science communication, time management, interview skills, and working as a team. Mentors receive training on best practices for creating inclusive laboratories including setting clear expectations and emphasizing work-life balance.