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Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis

The CEBC seeks sustainable chemical discoveries at the frontiers of science and engineering. We strive to protect the planet, promote prosperity, and enrich scholarship through diversity.

Our Impact

uniquely trained grads employed around the world
patents and 6 licensed inventions
Company partners invested $15 Million in CEBC to date

Bala Subramaniam

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis. The CEBC is realizing its vision of being a rich source of sustainable chemical technology advances. Our committed team and industry partners keep the center's mission robust and consistently moving forward, resulting in a strong record of research accomplishments.

Bala Subramaniam
Director of CEBC

Image of post-doctoral researcher presenting data

Our Research Strengths

We believe collaboration sparks innovation. Our diverse team of chemists, engineers, data scientists, and economists strive for economically viable and sustainable breakthroughs. CEBC partners with companies and institutions to identify and commercialize priority research.


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Our Education Initiatives

We educate  the next generation by empowering  high school teachers and  inspiring  youth. We equip students with in-demand skills, aiding the pipeline for future scientists and engineers.



KU researchers to collaborate on $1.3 million DOE grant for recycling solar panels

is growing at an astonishing rate, providing almost 4% of the world's electricity, according to the International Energy Agency. But as solar panels reach the end of their working lives, many end up in landfills. ...

NSF EPSCoR grant will advance manufacturing of renewable and recyclable plastics

an indispensable part of today's society. These nimble polymers help keep foods fresh, cars safe, arteries clog-free, and have countless other uses. But the benefits come at a cost. Each year millions of tons of discarded plastic pollute ecosystems, harm animals, and exacerbate climate change. ...

Director of CEBC appointed to national committee

Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine assembled a team of researchers, economists, and industry experts this month. The team’s mission is to explore how targeted investments in research could be used to bolster the U.S. chemical economy. ...