Current CEBC researchers can access specific safety information on our Teams site.

Safety is our top priority.

Deeply woven into every decision we make about research stems from our safety-first mindset. Our researchers are not merely given training that aligns with industry standards. They are also coached to look out for each other in our culture of safety.

Safety is a shared priority.

Nurturing a safety-first mindset takes continuous training, rigorous policies, and frequent reminders. Over time, these efforts build attitudes and behaviors that combine to create a commitment to safety.

Lead by example

Lab safety needs strong leaders. The good news is that every researcher — from undergraduate to professor — can be a leader for safety. 

  • Speak up when you see something that's not right or appears unsafe. This is how we learn from each other. Staying silent puts us at risk of accidents.
  • Join our Lab Safety Committee and shape policies and training at CEBC.

Steps for new researchers

Connect with us to join our Microsoft Teams, our group communication tool

Go to the "General" tab on MS Teams and follow the "Onboarding" steps

Ongoing tasks for all researchers

  • Attend mandatory monthly safety meetings — required for all researchers at the Wakarusa facility (2nd Wednesdays of the month at 9 AM)
  • Submit a "Hazard Review" — required for all new and revised projects before staring research
  • Share safety moments at group meetings
  • Join the Lab Safety Committee- at least one representative from each laboratory group
  • Report and learn from errors and near misses
  • Resist complacency and refresh training yearly
  • Leave CEBC safely — follow the offboarding checklist

Safety is an ongoing process and is essential to a long and healthy R&D career.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask your colleagues/mentor for assistance or guidance or contact CEBC's Laboratory Director.